Palazzo Fendi

  • largo Carlo Goldoni, 420, Roma, RM, Italia

  • 2015

  • Fendi S.r.l.

    • Fire adjustment advice
    • Fire adjustment design
    • Structural verification
    • SCIA fire
    • Drafting of emergency plans
  • The luxury brand Fendi S.r.l. as part of a formal and functional restyling of the commercial activity located in the building owned by him in the historic center of Rome, he decided to partially change the intended use of the building.
    The sales and exhibition activities will continue to be present but in the top three floors of the building, a hotel will be built with an adjoining restaurant.
    The inclusion of a new activity within the building and the redistribution of the internal spaces of the commercial activity, following the restyling, made it necessary to develop
    a new Fire Prevention project to be submitted for approval by the Fire Brigade Command.